It’s a crazy time to be in the world.
Families are looking for ways to support the growth of their children.
Teachers are scrambling to encourage and inspire their students remotely, while proving they are “effective” in the eyes of their administrators.
Children are looking for connection and agency.
This is a time to connect back to our body and our mind with music and yoga.
Yo Re Mi was the perfect interview for us this week.

I interviewed Rachel Costello from Yo Re Mi!

Yo Re Mi is an organization that combines music, yoga and mindfulness into one effective, affordable enrichment class. The mission of Yo Re Mi is to enhance learning, encourage creativity and imagination, while promoting whole-child wellness. Yo Re Mi is based in NYC and collaborates with many public, charter and private schools to promote cross-curricular connection with music, movement and breath.

Check out our conversation with Yo Re Mi on Spotify!

In our conversation today we discussed:

  1. How to combine music, yoga and mindfulness
  2. Tips for dealing with stress during this pandemic
  3. Breathing exercises to do with your family at home
  4. How Yo Re Mi promotes cross-curricular instruction and connects yoga and music to classroom topics
  5. Mindfulness activities you can use in your classroom
  6. How to make learning FUN
  7. The Yo Re Mi app! Check it out today! (60 day membership- free or by donation at this time!)
  8. Things to do with your child at home during Covid-19

The Yo Re Mi Philosophy

“Inspired by the play-based education philosophy of Reggio-Emilia, the Responsive Classroom and the musical pedagogy of Émile Jaques-Dalcroze and Zoltán Kodály, Yo Re Mi seeks to encourage individuality and communication between children as active collaborators in their learning environment.

We sing through yoga poses and discover rhythm, pitch, tone and tempo with our bodies. Through multiple sensory inputs we engage children at all levels, areas of interest and attention. We nurture a non-competitive environment where creative ideas are welcome and children may influence the direction of our learning.”

Online Learning Resources with Yo Re Mi!

Yo Re Mi encourages daily movement, music and mindfulness while having fun! At this time, it’s important to feel connected. With Yo Re Mi, families, children and educators can sing and stretch from home! Check out their online resources!

  1. Yo Re Mi Online Classes
    Interactive classes on all platforms including Zoom, Google Hangouts, and FaceTime. Lessons are customized to reflect units of study, curriculum and interests.
  2. Yo Re Mi App
    Subscribe for free or by donation! They are providing free 60-day unlimited access to the app! Watch full-length musical yoga adventures and sing-along music videos.
  3. Online Training Programs
    Interested in learning techniques to incorporate music, yoga and mindfulness into your classroom or community? Check out their professional development sessions and teacher trainings!
  4. Yo Re Mi coloring pages! Download them for free HERE!

Get connected with Yo Re Mi!

  1. Follow Yo Re Mi on Instagram for upcoming teacher trainings and events!
  2. Make sure to sign up for their newsletter and receive online access to kids yoga, music and special event information.
  3. Read the Yo Re Mi blog and learn about practicing mindfulness, stress-relief, and emotional regulation.
  4. Subscribe to the Yo Re Mi Youtube Channel.
  5. Listen to our podcast episode for more information!

Yoga, Music, and Mindfulness in Quarantine with Yo Re Mi

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