teacher strike

How do I continue to stay inspired as an educator?
In 2019, I decided to start my research.
I quit my job to dedicate a year to teaching differently.
And Teachers Inspired was born.

What is Teachers Inspired?

Teachers Inspired is a place for teachers to connect!

A place to share personal experiences, challenges and resources!

We’re on a mission to connect a diverse community of educators around the world, uncover systemic problems, support teachers day-to-day, and demand more assistance in our schools.

We’re in serious need of an upgrade.

“I feel pretty burnt-out…”

ME TOO! Teaching is a pretty selfless profession. What you’re feeling is VALID! In these moments we begin to question ourselves, not the systemic problems in our educational system.

I love my kids and teaching is my passion, so what’s the real problem?

It’s not the kids, it’s the …

lack of support and resources
lack of funding
large class sizes
low compensation
inequality in low-income communities
segregated schools
inexperienced educators not given enough training
dull curricula focused on standardized testing
cuts to art, music and RECESS (seriously, that’s real)
pressure to perform in our results driven society

And with these problems we see…

an increase in bullying
an increase in obesity
a decrease in student creativity
an increase in stress
students doubting their intelligence
teachers leaving the profession

Education is incredibly undervalued in our society and it’s getting worse!!!

More teachers leave the profession every year.
Excessive testing and senseless standards are on the rise!
In our results driven society, student start to doubt their own intelligence.
Teachers deal with high levels of stress every day.
Progressive schools that value alternative teaching practices are expensive and can’t support all students.
Students are not interested in what schools offer as school does not always support their reality.
Charter schools don’t support students with special needs because it drops their test score school ratings

Inspired Teachers = Inspired Students

An essential part of effective instruction lies within the motivation and happiness of the teacher. When teachers feel inspired, appreciated and valued, so do their students. Unfortunately, this is not the reality for most educators. Teachers are becoming more and more alienated from their profession and teacher dissatisfaction is at an all time high.

What you’ll find on Teachers Inspired:

1. resources for teaching about social justice and taking action
2. ways to connect with parents, students and communities
3. resources to bring socio-emotional learning into your classroom
4. interviews with an inspiring diverse group of teachers (on our Teachers Inspired Podcast)
5. discoveries about systemic issues in our educational system
6. self-care for teachers
7. lesson plans, curriculum, literature and resources

This is a personal journey, but I want to share it with other educators out there.

I’m on a personal quest to find a sustainable way to continue teaching. I also want Teachers Inspired to be that light for you; providing you inspiration to continue your educational journey. So far I’ve interviewed some kick-ass teachers and visited amazing schools. Listen to the intro on the Teachers Inspired Podcast and look out for new posts on Instagram and right here on my blog!

So ready to start this journey!
Until then, Keep growing! Keep teaching! Stay inspired!

Love, Tess Leavay – Teachers Inspired Founder