About Me

A self proclaimed burnt-out teacher, ready to inspire real change in our educational system.

“The first three years are always the hardest, then it gets easier”
… so what’s my excuse?

I quit my full-time teaching job in 2019.

It was then when I really understood how broken our educational system was.

About to enter my 10th year of teaching, (5th year of full-time teaching), I became overwhelmed by an ever-present feeling of doubt. “Was I failing my students? Was I strong enough to continue teaching?” Gradually, I welcomed this new found consciousness, for I realized these feelings came from a much larger, systemic problem.

These larger, systemic issues included:

  • lack of support and resources
  • lack of funding
  • large class sizes
  • low compensation
  • inequality in low-income communities
  • segregated schools
  • inexperienced educators not given enough training
  • dull curricula focused on standardized testing
  • cuts to art, music and RECESS (seriously, that’s real)
  • pressure to perform in our results driven society

I saw these problems over and over and decided to dedicate a year to teaching differently.

My goals for this project are:

  1. to speak with a diverse group of educators.
  2. to provide resources for veteran and rookie teachers.
  3. to visit public schools, charter schools and private schools.
  4. to speak with teachers who are struggling and those who are thriving.
  5. to uncover systemic issues in education.
  6. to hear from students and families about their experiences.
  7. to understand what’s working and what’s not.
  8. to become a better educator.


Are you feeling burnt-out or undervalued? Let’s connect!!
Together, we can demand more for our children and ourselves.
With more support, we can create an oasis for our children that fosters divergent thinking. With more funding, schools can support sustainable teaching methods.
With progressive training, teachers can develop healthy relationships with their students and feel more comfortable in the classroom.
Our families, students and teachers are in desperate need of an upgrade.

I’m on a personal quest to find a sustainable way to continue teaching. I also want Teachers Inspired to be that light for you; providing you inspiration to continue your educational journey. So far I’ve interviewed some kick-ass teachers and visited amazing schools. Listen to the intro on the Teachers Inspired Podcast and look out for new posts on Instagram and right here on my blog!

So ready to start this journey!
Until then, Keep growing! Keep teaching! Stay inspired!

Love, Tess Leavay – Teachers Inspired Founder